Price of Cialis: buy it in pharmacy or on the internet?

Do you meet sexual problems? Indeed, many men over the age of forty are experiencing sexual dysfunction, like the difficulties to hold an erection (“powerlessness” in everyday language) but also premature ejaculations. It is for this reason that the laboratories have studied the issue and have led to the development of several drug solutions.

One of them is Cialis – also known as Tadalafil in its generic version, which will directly attack the cause of erectile dysfunction. In this way, you will enjoy an improved orgasm, an erection that lasts in time, as well as a stimulated libido.

However, since Cialis (or Tadafil) is available in pharmacy and online, and since its price is not regulated, you can find the same product at different price ranges. Whether you’re wondering what is the price of Cialis 20mg in pharmacy, or you’re wondering about the price of Tadalafil in general, check out the guide! As intensive research, we present you today the market. So do not be fooled, and find Cialis at the best price!

Effect of Cialis
Its effects are most promising: a powerful erection that lasts in the long term (up to 36 hours after the first dose, hence its nickname of the weekend pill). To put it concretely, its action will localize directly on PDE5, also called phosphodiesterase type 5. This enzyme has a negative action on your blood vessels, which have difficulty in dilating and causing blood flow. where the difficulty of holding your erection. Although still present in the body, this enzyme increases with age, hence the correlation between sexual dysfunction and increasing age. This is when Cialis intervenes: it blocks the enzyme to give your penis the opportunity to fill with blood through the opening of blood vessels.

Reminder on how Cialis works
Before we even look at all the different prices for Cialis and its generic Tadalafil, remember first how it works. It is indeed thanks to this reminder that not only will you understand how the product works, but you will also be able to determine if it is done for your problem. We reassure you immediately: its effectiveness is no longer to demonstrate, you will certainly find your happiness! Best known as the “weekend pill,” the Cialis pill causes a powerful erection in less than half an hour after taking the first pill.

Price of Cialis: dosage 2.5mg, 5mg, 20mg … at what price?

You will understand: the price of Cialis in general depends on its dosage. There are indeed 4 different doses for Cialis: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg or 20mg. Of course, the higher the dosage, the higher the price. For this reason, before you even think about the price, you have to think about the dose you need. It is not always easy to self-evaluate, so do not hesitate to call a health professional to find out which is the most appropriate dosage.

2.5 mg
To give you some tips, if you plan a regular intake, then turn to the dosage at 2.5mg, which is the reference dosage. Indeed, this drug is quite powerful, a regular intake could cause side effects if you take too high dose. If, on the contrary, you only plan an occasional catch for a few nights only, then a dosage of 10mg or 20mg will suit you perfectly … and you will spend an eventful night!

To know the price of a box of Cialis in pharmacy (and also online), know that there are 5 formulas:

  • A box with a capacity of 4 pills dosed at 10mg.
  • A box with a capacity of 4 pills dosed at 20mg.
  • A box with a capacity of 28 pills dosed at 2.5 mg.
  • A box with a capacity of 28 pills dosed at 5mg.
  • A box with a capacity of 84 pills dosed at 5mg.

The price of Cialis in pharmacy vs. Internet: where to buy it?

Whether you want to know the price of Cialis 5mg or the price of Tadalafil, know that many information stands out. Know that as for many products (pharmaceutical or not), the price of Tadalafil on the Internet is well below the price in pharmacy. So :

  • For 2 tablets of 10mg of Cialis, the average price observed was 72 euros (indicative price: 76 euros).
  • For 4 tablets of 10mg of Cialis, the average price observed was 110 euros (indicative price: 125 euros).
  • For 4 tablets of 20mg of Cialis, the average price observed was 125 euros (indicative price: 145 euros).

You will understand: the prices of Tadalafil and Cialis are much better online than in neighborhood pharmacies. But if you want to get a reliable and quality product, while enjoying professional service and attractive prices, why not turn to the best compromise, namely online pharmacies?

What is the price of a box of Cialis in pharmacy … when we turn to its generic, Tadalafil?
And, to give you one last idea, for 12 tablets of 20mg of Cialis, the average price observed was 254 euros (indicative price: 280 euros).

Writing NOT Generic
Tadalafil, as we have seen, is the generic of Cialis, and like many generics, prices of Tadalafil are much lower than those of Cialis. As a reminder, the principle of a generic is that it is the same active ingredient, but with a different composition without different effects. So, whether you go on the internet or in pharmacy, know that you will usually pay less for Tadalafil than for Cialis.

Nevertheless, always be alert: do not be fooled, this product costs money. So do not fall on false promises of cheap Tadalafil, because you may well never receive it, or receive a counterfeit (in addition to being dangerous to your health). Prefer online pharmacies, serious and reputable like



Buy Cialis Online Without Prescription

Cialis is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cialis works faster than other drugs in this group and its effect lasts for a long time.

Cialis is a medicine for sexual stimulation. Still called Tadalafil, the drug must be taken in doses of ten milligrams before a scheduled sexual relationship. It is available as yellow-orange tablets and is in the form of a fine. Cialis is available in 20 milligrams, 10 milligrams, 5 milligram and 2.5-milligram doses. The drug is used mostly by men, but it also exists for women.

It’s origin
After the drugs for sexual treatment such as Viagra and Levitra, Cialis (Tadalafil of its original name) has found its place among the remedies used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The product was born decades ago. The basic substance it contains, Tadalafil, causes relaxation of smooth muscle fibers thus facilitating erection.

It is marketed by the pharmaceutical group Eli Lilly, which was ranked in 2010, the tenth largest in terms of turnover. This is Colonel Eli Lilly, a veteran of the American Civil War and a pharmacist who created the company. The pharmaceutical company now holds the right to the trade name Cialis name.

But other pharmaceutical companies now have the right to distribute the drug.

Presentation of the drug Buy Cialis Online
The drug named Cialis is a vasodilator drug. That is, it allows dilation of the blood vessels while relaxing the smooth muscles of their wall. The drug is prescribed for cases of erectile dysfunction. It is part of the group of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors.

The action of the drug Cialis is not done on the whole body, but on the genital part. The drug should be taken one hour before the scheduled sexual intercourse. The erectile enhancement drug can act on the human body thirty-six hours after a shot.

To function better, the man will need stimulation from his partner. At this point, the substance named Tadalafil works by releasing nitric oxide. The smooth muscles are released, then a blood flow causes the erection. So it is necessary to specify that the drug Cialis, containing Tadalafil does not act without a sexual stimulation.

During sexual stimulation, the release of an enzyme participates in the provocation of an erection. The enzyme in question may be visible after stimulation or after ejaculation. It is at this level that the Cialis intervenes, breaking down the substance in part, which allows an increase in the strength of the erection.

The drug proceeds by the removal of all psychological constraints, allowing the man to have an erection that he can feel the next day because the effect of the drug can go up to 36 hours. Taking the drug should be regulated to avoid cumulative effects in the body.

The drug is available as tablets, capsules and chewable tablets (soft tablecloths).

In which cases is Cialis recommended?
Cialis is recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug should be taken thirty minutes before the sexual intercourse, the time it acts on the body. It is also recommended for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy.

This treatment is suitable for men with a prostate whose volume exceeds the average. Cialis does not have the sole virtue of causing an erection in a man. It can relieve a person of an incessant urge to want to urinate or a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.

The drug can be used for the treatment of ailments such as painful urination.

When should you avoid taking Cialis?
Taking Cialis can be dangerous if combined with other medicines. It is therefore advisable to avoid taking nitrate medicines when using Cialis. This can cause an unexpected drop in blood pressure. A patient who uses the medication should tell their doctor if they have prolonged erections, as this may cause damage to the genital tract.

A sudden loss of vision may result from taking the drug, in which case remember to get as close as possible to a medical facility. Take the drug should not be done with alcohol, the liquid may cause side effects. Grapefruit juice or fruit should not be consumed when you intend to take the drug.

The drug is not suitable for people who do not tolerate Tadalafil.

Tips for taking the drug
The dose prescribed by your doctor must be respected. A dose of one ten milligram tablet may be prescribed by your doctor. Respect the dose and if you do not see any effectiveness, tell the doctor who can then prescribe a dose of 20 milligrams.

Taking Cialis medication has to follow a number of rules. It should only be taken with a prescription and is not suitable for people under 18 years of age. The proof of such a measure is that a teenager’s body can not withstand the components of the drug, which can cause quite serious side effects.

The drug is prescribed to cause and facilitate erections in a man who was struggling. At the level of the intake, it is necessary to respect the dose prescribed by your doctor. Avoid doubling it to increase your sexual effectiveness. The 10 and 20-milligram tablets should be taken once every three days. The drug can be taken once a day on medical recommendation.

Side effects Cialis Online
The use of Cialis may well cause some patients side effects. The treated patient may experience headaches, diarrhea, or hot flashes. Redness may also be visible on the limbs on the upper body. Digestive disorders can be felt in addition to eye problems such as eye pain, conjunctivitis, a change in eye color or a large secretion of tears.

Blood pressure can go up or down, with an increase in heart rate and even tremors. Liver enzymes can multiply, drowsiness can seize the patient. Strokes can affect people who suffer from heart problems. The drug can, therefore, act negatively in terms of cardiovascular health.

Taking Cialis can also provide pain in the limbs and belly. Excessive sweating, as well as bleeding in the genital organ. The drug may have other side effects, so consider contacting your doctor for any side effects you may have.

The drug also available for women
If men want to ensure intimate relationships, women too do not want to be totally submissive. The drug Cialis used by men with erectile dysfunction is also available for women. Because the latter can indeed be victims of sexual dysfunction.

This medicine is used by women who have reached menopause, it acts on the sensitivity of the erogenous zones by detaching the fat.

This helps to multiply the orgasms that pull well in length. For greater effectiveness of the drug, women who use it should avoid the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. Cialis for women is recommended for the treatment of fibroids and cysts.

The drug acts on the body of the woman by treating the decrease of her libido which she is a victim, stimulating at the same time her sexual desire. The loss of sexual desire can be felt by the woman who is suffering from anxiety or who is plagued by psychological problems. Cialis works by increasing testosterone levels, external sensitivity, and sexual stimulus.

However, it may be dangerous for the woman to use Cialis if she is not lacking in sexual appetite. Because if the prescribed drug facilitates an erection in man by a decomposition of substances in his body, in women it stimulates desire. It is therefore not recommended to use it if this sexual desire is felt.

For prostate patients
In addition to stimulating an erection, Cialis has another virtue that can relieve prostate patients. Indeed, the fact that benign prostatic hypertrophy is relieved by the drug has been approved since 2013. This disease, attacking the elderly, but harmful to health, makes the affected people feel problems in connection with the urine.

Patients may have the urge to urinate all the time, a problem of complete emptying of the bladder, they can also feel painful urination. The prostate is in the form of a gland. It is located between the genital organ and the bladder. Its role is important in humans because it participates in the production of spermatozoa.

The prostate ensures the production of a thick liquid and white color. The spermatozoa produce in their turn a liquid, a mixture is made which gives birth to the sperms. With the enlargement of the prostate, pressure on the bladder and urethra is noted. This is why a person suffering from the disease has problems for the evacuation of his urine.

Another benefit of Cialis is to relieve this sensation by improving blood flow to the bladder and prostate organs. It is then produced a relaxation of the muscles, for a diminution of the symptoms of the hypertrophy of the prostate.

Side effects may be felt when treating the prostate with Cialis.

In relation to male fertility
Cialis is known to make it easier for men to have erections that they have trouble having, but with the help of their partner who has to stimulate this erection. Does this medicine play a role in human fertility? The drug was tested on dogs that served as guinea pigs and it was noted an assignment of all the processes leading to the formation of the spermatozoa.

On the other hand, the same effect is not felt in humans. The latter may, however, notice a decrease in spermatozoa and their density, it also has no effect on the libido.

Get Cialis Online From Home
Many people feel embarrassed when they cross the threshold of a pharmacy to buy aphrodisiac or erectile products such as Cialis. It is, therefore, possible for consumers to obtain it online from their home. In addition, prices are lower with the purchase online. Some medical sites have you fill out a questionnaire to validate the sale of the medicine.

Nevertheless, be careful if you choose to get the drug from your home. Because if the sale of erectile products is on the rise, counterfeit products mingle with dance. The client who obtains prescription products risks damaging his health and even fines.

In a country like Tunisia, the news was about a seller who sold his stock of Cialis online. He made a reduction to his clients and omitted to talk about the dosage or instructions for use.

In countries like France, online sales are only allowed for over-the-counter medications because buying Cialis without a prescription can harm your health with severe side effects.

Various ailments that can cause dysfunction in erection, Cialis, is a drug that acts on the intimate parts of man, facilitating his erection. The drug can also be used for the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy. Side effects experienced when taking the drug are many, so it should only be appropriate as prescribed by your doctor. Cialis, who can save a couple, also exists for the fairer sex.

Erectile dysfunction
A man must be virile by nature. Erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence is a condition that can act negatively within the couple because can not normally satisfy his partner. Many causes can lead to this condition, but there are ways to cure it.

Causes of erectile dysfunction
Sexual weakness can be caused by multiple factors. It can reach men from 20 to 40 years old by various factors. It can be psychological disorders, stress, or in some obtaining a new partner.

Narrowing of the blood vessels can also cause erectile dysfunction. The genital organ of the male contains blood vessels. These vessels must receive an influx of blood controlled by the brain to cause an erection. As the genital organ narrowed, erection becomes impossible.

This type of dysfunction may be caused by diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, but also by the use of certain stimulants such as cigarettes. Poor nutrition can also be the cause, so avoid cholesterol.

Some neurological problems can lead to sexual impotence because the brain has to control the sex to cause an erection. If the problems are in the brain, stimulation will become impossible. This type of problem is visible in people who have had a stroke, or who have diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

There are also medications that can cause erectile dysfunction as side effects, so do not forget to mention it to your doctor. The use of the drug can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction
The direct consequences of erectile dysfunction are noted at the household level. A man who suffers from sexual weakness avoids talking about the subject and having sex with his partner for fear of provoking a break in the relationship.

Yet the best solution would be to talk about it because of solutions for the treatment of existing erectile dysfunction. It is thus possible to obtain drugs capable of boosting the arterial flow which causes the erection. The companion of the man who is under treatment can help his companion during sex by caresses to stimulate an erection.

The causes of sexual weakness being various, the affected man can also follow cognitive behavioral therapy. He talks about his problems with a psychotherapist, tracing part of his life. It will then be the specialist to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction and then fix it.

The treatment of sexual weakness can also be done by injection. This is the use of a drug that is only available on prescription. The product is injected into one side of the genitals, the muscles are released and the blood flow is normal.

Cialis Soft (Cialis Soft Tablets)

Cialis ® surpasses in popularity the legendary Viagra ® because it treats erectile dysfunction faster and successfully and improves erection. Cialis Soft – is the same medication as regular Cialis, but its effect occurs many times faster because the tablets are in the form of pills that dissolve after putting through the sublingual route. The difference between the usual Cialis Soft and Cialis Soft pills is that its effect is quicker thanks to its form of dragees – it dissolves under the tongue so that you can achieve the desired effect after 10 minutes after taking it. The product does not induce habituation.


Sexual problems affect one in ten men. To get rid of them forever, it is recommended to buy Cialis Soft at Men’s Pharmacy. It will return lost manhood, eliminate bad experiences especially in men ages 19 and 82 and help improve the quality of sex life.

Generic Cialis Soft is characterized in respect to the composition and properties of the original medicine, but it is much cheaper. Cialis is manufactured in the United States, and its counterpart – generic Cialis – in India. The active ingredient in Cialis Soft – Tadalafil. In addition, the preparation contains lactose monohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, talc, and dye.

Medicines are available in in the form of 20 mg pills. The back of the blister pack contains information about the drug’s expiration date and the contents of the product.


Use the medication for 30-40 minutes before scheduled sexual activity, regardless of meal time. You can also use it with alcohol.

You can take 10-20 milligrams every day of the drug. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum daily dose of 20 milligrams.

  • Simultaneous use with antacids prolongs the time required for drug absorption.
  • The effect of Cialis Soft lasts more than 36 hours;
  • The first effects are felt for 15 minutes after taking;

This medicine is strictly prohibited to use

If previously you have had allergic reactions to one of the components, named in the composition of the drug;
If you have had mental health problems;

  • In the case of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Renal failure ;
  • A heart attack or stroke in the last 6 months;
  • Chronic nitrate supplementation;

The drug should not be taken by minors, women, people with liver failure, who have suffered a stroke, heart attack or bleeding in the brain. The use of Tadalafil is possible only after six months after the illness, after a consultation with the doctor. You should not combine Cialis pills with the same drugs and doxazosin. Do not take Generic Cialis before activities that require concentration, especially before driving. The drug does not change the quality and volume of sperm that you ejaculate, does not improve fertility and testosterone level.

How and when to use?

A pill of Cialis Soft must be put under the tongue until completely dissolved. With this method, the use of the active substance begins to act after 10 minutes, and only on the condition of sexual stimulation.

The effectiveness of generic lasts 36 hours. Meanwhile, it offers 5 to 16 lasting erections for an average of 20-60 minutes. You must rest for about 15-30 minutes before the next intercourse. This medicine increases the power to give you an unforgettable time.

Purchase of Cialis in UK

You must start the treatment of erectile dysfunction when the first symptoms of this sexual pathology. To do this, it will be perfectly suitable for such a drug, such as Cialis.

Buying Cialis will help stop the early development of erectile dysfunction symptoms and improve potency, regardless of the reason for sexual dysfunction. In most countries of the European Union, Cialis sell exclusively on the prescription of the doctor.

Quite difficult to buy Cialis in the UK, or in other developed countries, without a prescription. Therefore, men spend a large amount of time trying to pass a medical examination with a doctor, and then walk on city pharmacies and search for Cialis on the shelves.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease whose treatment does not need to be laid off for a long time. Often, faced with the complexity of obtaining a prescription, men simply leave the unresolved problem and symptoms of increased erectile dysfunction, therefore, a man can completely lose the ability to get an erection.

The optimal solution to this problem has started online pharmacy where you can buy Cialis in UK without a prescription, order delivery tablets directly at home. It’s totally legal and safe. Online pharmacies are not uncommon, and thanks to service technology, one can track quality and good faith pharmacies that sell the original pill, not counterfeit.

Cialis in the UK, buy Cialis in Belgium without a prescription, you can, at any time, and do not even need to go out of the house. It is not only very practical but also profitable. In addition to the expensive brand of Cialis, a man can buy generic Cialis with delivery in Belgium. It is a high-quality analogue, which includes the active ingredient Tadalafil , but it is manufactured in India.

The pharmaceutical market is such that about 70% of the cost of the drug is a brand. Very often, urban pharmacies sell expensive drugs, which should cost 2-3 times cheaper. Therefore, if you do not want to pay too much for the name and reputation of the manufacturer, at any time you can buy Cialis online delivery and generic order tablets in the UK.

The advantages of buying Cialis online in the UK are obvious:

  • Low medicine prices
  • Significant discounts of up to 50% when you buy more than one pack of pills
  • You can buy Cialis without a doctor’s prescription
  • Cialis delivery online in any city in Belgium
  • Practical payment methods
  • Complete anonymity
  • Review of Cialis

Cialis is one of the most promising drugs for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction. The characteristics of this drug are long-term therapeutic effect and high pharmacological safety.

The main active ingredient of Cialis is Tadalafil. This substance is a PDE 5 inhibitor – an enzyme that neutralizes the action of nitrogen oxide by releasing the smooth muscle of blood vessels.

The mechanism of action of Cialis is to block the work of this enzyme, resulting in, at the time of sexual arousal in men begins to secrete more nitrogen oxide, it is stronger relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels , they are expanding and in the penis begins to flow a large amount of blood, which causes a natural erection.

Cialis is not pathogenic sexy, it does not increase libido and can not cause intimate desire. This medicine is acting right now when a man is excited.

How to take Cialis?

Take Cialis to need at the earliest 30 minutes before intimacy. The optimal single dose for adult men is 20 mg.

The tablet of Cialis 20 mg must drink water. You can take the pill, even after food and alcohol. The consumption of alcohol in small quantities does not affect the therapeutic properties of the moment, but do not neglect this property.

Take Cialis 20 mg may be no more than 1 time a day. The therapeutic effect of 20 mg Tadalafil lasts about 36 hours. Some doctors recommend taking Cialis 20 mg once in two days to keep the erection up and running.

Purchase of Cialis in the UK Precautions

Cialis rarely cause side effects, but some men feel a headache, dizziness, nasal congestion, or redness of the face and neck. The side effects of Cialis do not pose a threat, so there is no need for medical intervention.

Only if you have an allergic reaction, you need as quickly as possible to see a doctor.

To avoid side effects, you should not take Cialis 20 mg in men with cardiovascular disease, liver disease \ kidneys, as well as men who have Tadalafil idiosyncrasies.

Propecia: the anti-baldness treatment suspected of destroying the libido and pushing to depression, complaints envisaged

Propecia was already suspected of generating sexual disorders. He now sees the accumulation of suspicions of provocation of depressions and suicidal thoughts. The National Agency for Medicines and Health Products plans to include these new risks on the package leaflet.

For some, it was the miracle pill that allowed them to stop the fall of their hair. But for others, it is the drug that has destroyed their libido and pushed them into depression. And, according to the testimony of some families, the suicide of their loved one.

The Propecia, a trade name for a molecule called “finasteride” and marketed by the US company Merck, is in the health sautorités collimator. This product put into circulation in 1999 blocks the action of testosterone responsible for hair loss. Although it is effective in 80% of cases (it has no effect in 20% of patients), it nevertheless has constraints such as having to be taken daily for life or losing all the benefits but persists in the ‘organization. The leaflet, hitherto, warned against the risks, in about 1% of the cases, of temporary sexual disorders disappearing at the end of the treatment. However, suspicion begins to appear: the effects would be more serious than that, and would be, for some,

The National Agency for Medicines and Health Products is worried about cases of connection between taking finasteride and cases of depression or even suicidal ideation. “The ANSM, therefore, wishes to inform patients and health professionals that any change in mood should lead to a break in treatment and monitoring,” says the Agency. The letter also requests a modification of the instructions to include the risk of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Some consumers of finasteride are beginning to testify in the media to explain, moreover, that the side effects of the molecule do not disappear when treatment is stopped. The decline, or even the loss of libido, would indeed be total after a prolonged intake according to the people concerned, in addition to great fatigue.

According to a study published in 2012, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the warning was already launched on the drug which, in addition to prolonged impotence, could stimulate the appearance of the breast in men and reduce the size of the organ genital. Several patients are now considering filing a complaint in France, following similar procedures in the United States or Canada.

Propecia finasteride Molecule Drug Hair Hair Sex Sexuality Libido Medicine Side effects Complaint ANSM Prevention Baldness

Baldness: Researchers have discovered a cell that could stop hair loss

Here is a discovery that will delight men. While researchers at the University of San Francisco were working on skin regeneration, they discovered that some cells in our immune system played a vital role in hair regrowth.

While doing research on skin generation, scientists at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) have made an astonishing discovery that could overcome baldness. Some cells in our immune system, called regulatory T cells, would play “a key role in the regeneration of hair follicles,” said Professor Michael Rosenblum. The researchers found that the hair only regrows if these T cells are present and active. “Stem cells remain very important in all stages of hair regrowth, ” said the Californian dermatologist before adding that “the number of active T cells abounds when the stem cells result in the formation of a new hair”.

Scientists made this discovery by chance. It is by observing the healing of wounds in mice that the researchers realized the effect of this cell. “We shaved the mice and removed the cells responsible for the inflammation, and found that in the absence of these cells, the hair did not grow back, ” explains Rosenblum.

While baldness affects one in two men over 55, a miracle cure may be about to emerge. Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Texas had already made a symbolic discovery in the treatment of baldness by isolating the molecule KROX20.

Mr Rosenblum also reassured people suffering from baldness: “Many pharmaceutical companies are already working on treatments that consist in increasing the number of T cells in the blood.”

Types of hair loss, Main causes of hair loss, Drugs for hair loss

The high incidence of androgenic alopecia is caused by male hormones. Testosterone in the scalp is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes a decrease in the size of the follicles, which inhibits hair growth, ultimately resulting in baldness. However, the hair follicles on the sides and back of the head do not have as much DHT compared to the top, so why hair loss is concentrated on the crown of the head. Interestingly, DHT is known to help grow beard and hair on the chest, which is why most bald men have hairy hair and grow their beards much faster.

Pattern baldness is more common in middle-aged men, but signs can actually begin as early as the mid-1920s. Once hair loss begins, it usually takes about 15-25 years for most men with this condition to lose most of their hair. In some cases, however, the progression of the condition can be rapid so that others are already completely bald in just five years.

Alopecia areata. This condition, called uneven hair loss, is the opposite of pattern baldness. While in the first thinning hair follows a pattern, alopecia areata is marked by smooth, bald patches all over the scalp. The bald patches are circular and can be as small as a pencil eraser or as big as a quarter. It begins with one or two points that multiply on other parts of the head. The disease is caused by an autoimmune disease where antibodies confuse the hair as “enemies” and begin to attack it, causing hair loss.

Alopecia total / universalis. It is a very serious type of alopecia areata also caused by an autoimmune disorder. Compared to the first, however, it is marked by the loss of an entire head of hair (total alopecia) or hair loss on the entire body (universal alopecia).

Cicatricial alopecia. This type of hair loss is caused by a range of skin disorders, usually on the scalp that attacks the follicles permanently. When there is an infection on the scalp, for example, scars occur, which makes it impossible for the follicles to grow the hair. People with this condition usually have red and bald spots on their head.

Alopecia traction. Unlike the other two that are caused by genetic or natural factors, this condition is self-induced and occurs mostly in women. Hair loss occurs because of the continuous and constant pull on the hair that puts pressure on the follicles. The pressure on the hair, caused by wearing tight hairstyles, braiding, weaving or even hair treatments like whitening, causes the follicles to loosen their grip on the tree and eventually cause the hair to fall. hair, leaving bald spots on the scalp or very thin strands of hair.

Involutional alopecia. This is less a medical condition (it is not caused by a disease or genetics) and is more concerned with the hair growth cycle. Also called telogen effluvium, this condition is marked by a long dormant phase of telogen growth or anagen. This type of hair loss is the second most common next to pattern baldness but is also the most unpredictable and difficult to identify its cause. Studies have shown that the dormancy phase in the hair growth cycle is linked to a range of factors, including hormonal imbalances, pregnancy in women, stress, diet, etc.

Main causes of hair loss

Although some conditions are medically related, others are caused by more natural or unnatural factors. And unknown to most of us, many of these elements can serve as a trigger that will cause us to lose our hair or the factor that can aggravate or worsen your existing condition.

Food. Hair growth depends on the nutrients that the body has of many like most psychological functions, so the absence of certain nutrients, as well as excess or overproduction of some, may affect the hair’s growth cycle.

A diet that is poor or lacks certain nutrients, especially iron, protein and vitamin B, which are essential in the production of keratin, can cause a long telogen phase and a very short anagenic stage. On the other hand, an excess reserve of vitamin A in the body, especially those taken by supplements, can be toxic and can cause a range of adverse effects of the body, including loss of appetite, fatigue and, consequently, hair loss.

Some foods have also been found to aggravate or worsen hair loss, such as sugar that triggers the overproduction of the male hormone, the androgen, which in turn causes hair follicles to shrink and hair to fall. or stop growing. Fish products that contain high levels of mercury such as tuna, mackerel and swordfish can also cause sagging hair and excessive hair loss. Studies have also revealed that fried foods are associated with the production of high levels of DHT.

Body activity. Stress caused by physical or emotional trauma, such as surgery or psychological stress, can lead to loss of body and can be negatively affected, including hair loss. Diets that cause sudden weight loss can also cause physiological trauma that can lead to hair loss and be thinning.

However, stress-related hair loss is more common in women than men and is more temporary than a permanent case of hair loss. In cases where the body is under extreme stress, hair loss occurs from 3 weeks to 6 months after the event.

Medical conditions and medicines. A common health condition that also causes hair loss is hypothyroidism, which can occur in men and women. Patients suffer from an underactive thyroid gland, which is responsible for producing the hormone, thyroxine which exerts important body functions, such as the regulation of body temperature, the correct use of carbohydrates and fats and the protein production. Since protein is an important nutrient for keratin production, insufficient protein intake in the body due to an underactive thyroid means that hair growth in the follicles is slow. In men, in particular, hair loss is one of the first signs of

Those who take medication for high blood pressure, such as blood thinners, and for depression may also experience temporary hair loss.

Chemotherapy is also one of the leading causes of baldness among cancer patients, both men and women. Although not all chemotherapy treatments result in hair loss, some involving the use of drugs such as Altretamine, Carboplatin, Docetaxel, and Idarubicin can cause thinning of the hair and hair loss. In such cases, hair loss varies from one person to another and the dosage of the drugs administered. Hair loss does not happen at once, but rather after several weeks of treatment until the rate of hair loss increases after one or two months of exposure to chemotherapy.

Hair practices. Our hair is one of the most elastic and strong parts of our body. A strand of healthy hair can be twice as strong as a copper wire of similar thickness. However, not all hair types are equal. Unfortunately, hair care and styling practices can lead to scalp damage and unnecessary pressure on hair follicles, resulting in hair breakage and loss.

Natural hair that is subjected to constant physical trauma resulting from excessive brushing or combing, tight braids or extreme hairstyles or scratches or massage may cause hair distortion in the temples and stop growing ‘to its normal length. Clean shaving, especially for men, can cause white bumps to appear on the area where the hair has been shaved and sometimes can be infected by a cat and leave permanent scars, which affects hair growth.

Shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, bleach, gels, and permanent stabilizers may contain chemicals that can damage the scalp and rupture the shaft. which causes a thinning of the hair. Beware of these products that contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic, thallium, meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale) and lead. These chemical ingredients can manipulate and disrupt the natural cycle of hair growth, for example, shorten the anagen growth phase. Hair procedures such as hair relaxation and permanent waving, while not leading to permanent hair loss.

In fact, treatments and hair loss treatments are a hundred dozen. There are remedies designed for temporary conditions of hair loss, and others are available for permanent cases. It is also important to note that some of these remedies are specific to the cause and type of hair loss, and other treatments do not apply to other cases such as baldness. We have listed them, in the same way, to give you a good idea of the range of choices available.

These treatments are grouped into three types: Drugs for Hair Loss, Cosmetic and Surgical Treatments, and Natural Remedies. Most, if not all, are designed to slow the shedding of your hair, promote growth and, in some cases, hide hair loss.

Drugs for hair loss

Minoxidil (Rogaine). Minoxidil is one of the most common and popular forms of medications for hair loss, especially pattern baldness, but commonly used in cases of alopecia areata. This is an over-the-counter medication that comes in liquid or foam form and applied to the scalp, especially on bald spots to promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

Minoxidil is usually included in a dose of 2% and 5%. With the first, hair growth is not visible until the fourth month (16 weeks) of use, but it could be faster with the 5% dosage. This is particularly effective, especially if you have not been bald for more than 5 years, Your bald patches are less than 10 cm wide, and most importantly, if the bald spots still have tiny and thin hairs. Studies have shown that people who have used minoxidil have experienced minimal or moderate hair growth. The new hair is usually soft, but with continued use, it will increase in thickness like the rest of the hair.

Take note, however, that this is not a permanent cure. Once the drug is stopped, the follicles go back to what they were before treatment. In addition, this does not work for all cases of pattern baldness – only about 35% of men reported noticeable growth. Doctors suggest that the use of the drug be stopped if there is no regrowth in a year.

Although the drug is generally safe, some possible side effects are mild irritation of the scalp, dryness and hair growth on certain parts of the body, especially the sides of the face and hands. In some cases, you may see an increase in hair loss around the first few days of use. If hair loss continues after two weeks after applying minoxidil, stop treatment first and seek medical attention.

Finasteride (Propecia). The drug is recommended only for male use and is in pill form. The drug essentially slowed hair loss while promoting progressive hair growth. The drugs work by stopping the enzyme, type 5-alpha 5-reduction, which is known to produce DHT. The dosage is one pill a day, and it has been found effective on 80% of men. Like minoxidil, it works best if bald spots still have tiny, thin hairs. The results are visible within six to three months, and studies of those who continued using for two years show longer, thicker hair than those who used it for a short time only.

It is generally safe, although some side effects noted are decreased sexual drive and temporary impotence that decreases with long-term use of the drug. Women are strictly prohibited from taking finasteride or touching the tablets, as studies have shown that it can lead to the feminization of a male fetus during pregnancy.

Corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are another form of medication used to treat alopecia areata. Since hair loss is caused by an autoimmune disease, the steroid works by preventing the immune system from attacking the hair follicles and, as a result, trigger hair growth.

Liquid corticosteroids are injected into the scalp every four to six weeks and are used to treat small patches of baldness. This can be painful and uncomfortable, and although it is effective, there have been studies that have revealed that one of its long-term side effects is premature baldness.

Creams and ointments of corticosteroids are also available and are applied directly to the area of the scalp where there is unequal baldness. Common forms of topical steroids are betamethasone, hydrocortisone, and mometasone. Some possible side effects include thinning and dryness of the skin and noticeable acne production.

Oral or tablet steroids are also available, but they are not usually prescribed because of known side effects such as diabetes and ulcers.

Contact immunotherapy. Another drug that can be given for cases of alopecia areata is contact immunotherapy and is recommended for severe cases. Diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP) is applied to the scalp weekly, and the dose of the drug increases over time until a mild allergic reaction is observed, indicating that the drug is taking effect. Harvesting can be observed within three months of starting treatment.

Although it is generally safe like minoxidil and finasteride, the visible side effects are rashes (contact dermatitis) and swollen lymph nodes in the neck area.

Thyroid medication. Hair loss as a result of thyroid problems will only be solved by treating the cause of the root. This means that you need to take medication for hypothyroidism to remedy the hormonal imbalance in the body. The most common medication for thyroid problems is levothyroxine, a synthetic version of thyroxine (thyroid hormone). Since the drug is used to indirectly solve the problem of the thyroid and hair loss, the medication should be continued even when you have improved or your hormone level has returned to normal to continue hair growth.

However, look for signs that you may have too much thyroid hormone, such as tremor, a general feeling of restlessness, heart palpitations, and excessive sweating. An overdose of the thyroid hormone can lead to osteoporosis and a heart attack.

Cosmetic and surgical treatments

Hair transplantation / surgery. A hair transplant or surgery is the fastest treatment for permanent cases of hair loss, although the most expensive. In pattern baldness, for example, where the top of the head is the most affected area, a hair transplant allows the surgeon to use the existing hair to implant it into the bald sections of the head. It works by removing a grafted or follicular sample in some parts of the head that still have hair (usually it’s the back of the head because this area is the most resistant to hormonal changes) and setting up this graft in the bald areas.

Hair Loss Cure: The Ultimate Guide to Hair Loss Treatment


There is nothing truer than the saying, “Our hair is our crown” – and that goes for both sexes.

Hair care, but most importantly, having a full head of hair is as important for men as it is for women. For women, it can be an important accessory to beauty, and for men, it adds to the masculine sensibility, improves their appearance and makes them more attractive and attractive to women. Baldness in men is associated with aging (only older men should lose hair) and, therefore, having hair on the head is a sign of masculinity and virility.

It is for this reason that grocery stores have shelves filled with hair care and grooming products of all kinds and types, for different purposes, and even specialized and customized for the use of men and women. In one study, it was found that more than half of men in the UK use about six to ten hair grooming products, from shampoos and conditioners to basic hair gels and other styling products.

It is mostly vanity, but it must be admitted that having a wick full of hair is an important part of who we are. Our hair identifies us: “He is the one with short-haired hair.” Having a full head of hair is almost synonymous with having a full pair of arms and legs.

So for most people, hair loss can be a difficult experience. Although it’s a known fact that hair loss is an inevitable part of life – hair production slows as we get older – no one wants to be treated with early baldness when you’re only in the head of your life.

We’ve heard it all before: customers wake up in a state of shock after discovering a bald patch of room size on their heads; Dying women on the strands of hair they see on the floor of the shower; Men looking for topical creams and shampoos to prevent the early onset of baldness. Even more are stories of men and women looking for the perfect wig or toupee to cover the loss of their hair as a result of medication for a chronic illness.

Hair can be all about vanity, but hair conditions, such as hair loss and baldness can have emotional, psychological and psychological effects: insecurity, loss of self-confidence, humiliation or embarrassment, self-imposed isolation for fear of what people might think of the way we look with this missing part of ourselves. Hair problems are more than vanity.

But here’s something most people talk about when they talk about hair loss: it’s part of the natural process of the hair growth cycle. Hair graying is normal, and hair loss as we get older is normal. However, there are cases where we emit hair at an abnormally faster rate than usual – and that’s something we need to be careful about. It is also perfectly understandable and acceptable that some people wish to reverse the hair loss that is part of the aging process.

That said, hair loss is not as bad or as hopeless as it seems. This should not be the cause of additional personal stress or social stigma, nor should it be something that should make us feel more self-conscious and less confident as individuals. With the advancement of technology, you no longer have to be frank with the uncomfortable choice of wearing an ill-fitting and natural blouse. There is now a wide range of options available to treat and cure hair loss, temporary or permanent. Buy Propecia 1mg.

But before you dive deep into what they are, let’s talk a little bit about some of the basics, including the science behind the hair and most important of all, the causes and types of hair loss conditions. . Depending on the causes and types, you can find the right treatment and treatment for you.


You might think, “It’s just hair,” but think about this: what would you do if you wake up one day without a single strand of hair on your head? However, as we mentioned, hair loss is a natural physiological process. In the hair growth cycle, old hair must be shed so that new hair develops. As we get older, our body’s ability to produce hair also slows when our bones stop growing at some point in our lives.

To better understand hair loss, let’s start by talking about the science behind the hair. How does the hair cycle work?

The anatomy of hair simplifies

Our hair is part of what we call the integumentary system of the human body, which also includes skin and nails. Hair is, in fact, a modified type of skin. It is composed of keratin, a form of protein, and is produced in tunnel-like structures in the skin called follicles. Inside the hair follicle is the capillary bulb composed of cells that deposit keratin and melanin, which is responsible for the color of your hair. The hair that penetrates your skin from the follicle is the hair. The tree is essentially composed of dead cells made of keratinous fibers. In fact, all the hair on our head is a huge mass of dead cells, which is why we do not

How hair grows

The hair cycle consists of four stages: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogenous, and different hair strands can be in different stages of growth at the same time.

Anagen is the growth phase. This lasts about 3 to 5 years, where you can watch your hair grow every half inch per month. The complete hair of this phase is about 18 to 30 inches long. Studies show that this phase can also be affected by other factors. It has been found that Asian hair has a longer anagen phase. Time is also a factor; Hair growth can be faster in summer than in winter.

Catagen is the regression phase and serves as a transition to the bestowal. During this time, the hair follicle slowly detaches from the papilla, which contains the very small blood vessels that feed the cell. The loss of food means that the hair stops growing. This phase lasts about 10 days.

The third and fourth steps are known as telogen and exogen, respectively. In telogen, the hair is supposed to be “resting” until it finally detaches from the follicle and enters the exogenous stage or shedding. Once the hair is detached from the follicle, the follicle remains inactive for about three months after which a new cycle begins again.

The capillary follicles of our head are at different stages of this hair growth cycle so that although some hair follicles are in the later stages, others are just beginning their anagen phase, while others are still at the middle of the hair growth cycle. It is because of these different stages of growth that our hair does not fall all at once. Instead, you only spend about 50 to 100 strands a day – this is the normal rate of hair loss.

Generally, hair problems, especially thinning hair and hair loss, occur around the anagen phase or the rest phase. As we age, the length of the anagen phase also decreases as capillary follicles receive less and less body nourishment. As a result, the hair is weaker and thinner after each cycle. In some cases, the hair penetrates too early in the rest phase (or the catagen phase is too short) and it is at this time that excessive excrement occurs. Hair loss pills- Propecia.

Disturbances in the normal duration of each phase, which can cause hair loss and thin of the hair, may be the result of a number of internal and external stimuli. These are also what we call the triggers and causes of your hair loss. As a quick example, diets can leave the body stressed and need important nutrients. Because of this stress, hair growth can be cut shorter than usual and there is an early onset of telogen or hair loss.

Some quick facts about hair and hair growth

  • We have about 5 million capillary follicles all over our body, and about 100,000 are on our heads.
  • About 10% of our hair follicles are in the telogen phase at the same time. Because these follicles are distributed everywhere, you do not see any bald spots on your head.
  • Over time, the follicles stop growing as we get older, another reason why baldness and thinning hair are common in older adults.
  • As the hair grows longer and heavier during the anagen phase, it becomes difficult for the follicle to cling to the hair, triggering the second and third phases.
  • The shape of the hair follicles also determines how long we can grow our hair. Round follicles are more likely to grow long hair because they offer stronger adhesion than flat follicles.
  • Contrary to the popular myth, baldness that is common in men is not caused by the genes of the mother. Hair is a polygenic trait, so baldness or hair loss attributed to genetics can also be caused by genes on the male side.
  • Wearing a cap does not make men bald. Although it is true that pulling on the hair can cause hair loss – in women – wearing a baseball cap does not pull on her hair, which allows her to get rid of. The experts argued that the cap should be worn too tight on the head so that it can put pressure that can cause damage and hair loss.
  • Another misconception to correct is that staying in the sun can cause hair loss. Radiation can damage the hair shaft, make it drier and brittle and more prone to breaking, but does not cause permanent hair loss, especially in men.



Minoxidil: the treatment is very restrictive, it creates an addiction and side effects that can become disabling, in terms of allergies or various sensitive or irritated scalps.

In addition, tests have proven today that the action of our new CERES 2 patented bio-complex proved to be more effective than 5% minoxidil in inhibiting androgens and counteracting their devastating effect on hair loss. This inhibitory action also occurs more rapidly and amplifies more strongly in time than that of minoxidil. Serums Clauderer # 6R and # 7R against hair loss

Propecia: we formally advise against all those who ask us the question. It would seem that for some, the sexual side effects are not reversible at the end of treatment. Source PubMed. : ” Persistent sexual side effects of finasteride for male pattern hair loss – 2011 ” Persistent side effects on sexuality, with finasteride for androgenetic alopecia in humans

Androcur: it can give good results, in case of severe androgenic female falls, especially if the fall is associated with signs of hyperandrogenism (irregular or absent periods, acne, severe seborrhea, hyper-pilosity …). It assumes a very serious and regular medical follow-up.

Yes, most of the time, if it’s a woman’s hair loss. But, even for a human hair loss, it is possible today to slow down the alopecic process considerably, by regularly stimulating the vital functions of the hair. With our Serums 6R and 7R , it is even possible to reactivate hair follicles become unproductive and dormant if they have been for less than a year.

There is no formula going anywhere, as is aspirin for a headache. It all depends on the origin of your hair loss, your particular terrain, but also your gender and your age.

On the other hand, there are effective products according to each case. This is what makes the difference Clauderer Center: the protocol of care that we offer is strictly adapted to your specific problem.

Primarily, to separate triggers and aggravating factors, because a hair loss is often the result of several factors that reinforce each other. For example, if you have androgenic terrain, other factors, such as a thyroid problem or an unbalanced diet, can significantly increase the loss of your hair. To grasp the whole problem is essential: it allows us to propose a global treatment.

Yes, a major psychological shock (death of a relative, divorce, surgery …) can cause massive hair loss, sometime after the event (fall called telogen effluvium ). But daily stress can also greatly aggravate an androgenetic drop or alopecia for lack of iron. Hence the importance, during the diagnosis, of always distinguishing triggers and aggravating factors, to treat the problem in its totality. Stress and hair loss

First, have your regrowth checked. Are they thinner than fallen hair? The fall is not always the most important symptom in alopecic problems, the important thing is the hair that repels: they must be as vigorous and numerous as the hair they replace. If that is not the case, there is indeed a problem that needs to be clarified. Anyway, do not start yet another treatment, without knowing exactly the reason (s) for their fall!

First, because we will advise you a custom protocol, exactly adapted to your problem. Secondly, because our deliberately artisanal approach allows us to accompany you throughout the duration of your treatment. We will conduct regular checks of your hair, to check their progress and to evolve your program, if need be. You will do these checks by correspondence (sending some hair) or on-site at the Center Clauderer.

Most of our “designers” have never tried our products, or if they did, they did not persevere. However, neutralizing a hair loss cannot happen with a magic wand, it takes some patience to get results. That’s why our contracts are based on 4 months.

This duration of 4 months is not taken at random, it corresponds to the average time needed to rebalance a capillary system, stabilize the loss of hair and allow new regrowth to see the day. The scam comes from those who tell you the opposite!

This is a common misconception that we fight every day by demonstrating that Clauderer treatments have the best value for money given the scarcity and purity of their ingredients. In order not to increase their final price, we deliberately chose to package our products in simple bottles, with just one label, in one color. Did you know that these products would cost three times more if they were presented in expensive packaging and supported by advertising campaigns, as is the case for those bought in pharmacies or supermarkets? For a Clauderer product, you really only pay for the intrinsic value of its ingredients. And for our limited budget customers, we offer very large payment facilities. The bottom line is that they start their treatment.

By 10, 15 years, gene therapy, applied to hair, should radically change the program of (or) gene (s) baldness. If you are a young man, you will probably benefit. However, do not wait passively by saying, “I will treat when it will be in point …”, because this therapy will only work on hair follicles still alive. Current treatments, therefore, remain essential: they allow, in the meantime, to keep alive a maximum of hair follicles.

After 4 months of treatment against hair loss: 77% of clients observe a total stop of their hair loss. For 95% of them, the regrowth is more numerous and more vigorous. Source: survey updated in November 2016 and covering 100 Clauderer clients, according to a test method validated by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products ( ANSM ).

That said, no false promises, we will not return the hair that you have lost for several years but we are committed to recovering those whose hair follicles are still alive, even if the hair they produce have become non-existent at L naked eye.

Because the hair is a little black box of the body and we analyze some hair, sent by the person concerned. By combining this analysis with the answers provided by the Clauderer Questionnaire, we are able to understand in depth the causes of the fall and to advise on the means to be implemented to stop it.

However, if you live in Paris or the Paris region, the on-site examination of your scalp is even better: it allows an even more refined exploration of your hair loss, with analysis of its history and evaluation of the percentage of recoverable hair. Learn more about Clauderer diagnosis

Clauderer products against hair loss are all natural and identified as such on their labels. Based on the latest scientific advances, they consist of an association of patented plant active ingredients that work in synergy with each other and fight against the degeneration of hair follicles.

To be more explicit, there are no less than twenty different substances in Clauderer anti-fall formulas: treating essential oils, sulfur proteins, extracts of plants and vitamins of regrowths, minerals … The list seems long but it is necessary, the effectiveness of the final product coming from the interaction between these different ingredients.

– Our products return to the fundamentals of the hair and restore its three vital functions.
– They reactivate hair follicles that you thought unproductive for a long time.
– They do not induce addiction.
– They compensate the receptivity of follicles to androgens, by powerful natural assets.
See Action of Serums 6R and 7R on the cycles of your hair

In humans, they can begin at the end of puberty. Precociousness is always a negative factor: it is between the end of puberty and 35 years that androgens exert the most strongly their negative influence on the cells of the scalp. The influence is less afterward and should normally decrease little by little, after 40, 45 years.

In women, they can start at any age, from adolescence. Certain periods, however, are more likely to trigger the disorder, they correspond to the key moments of a woman’s biological life: after puberty, during a maternity, at the time of the pre-menopause (after 40 years) or at menopause.

With age, the hair loses a little volume, but very little: the hair ages much better than the skin. This hair loss can begin after midlife but should not exceed 20% of the initial density, at an advanced age. If the hair tends to fall noticeably, it is because other problems are involved and it is necessary to look for the origin. In women, for example, the loss of hair at the time of menopause is due to an androgenetic predisposition that must be treated as such.

Baldness threatens four out of five men

It was necessary, the forelock, to assign me this report on baldness. And twice more than one! Firstly because I have the mop well planted – which is equivalent to a provocation. Then because, little-worried appearances, I do not comb since 1981 – which is equivalent to waste! That year, I had gone on a nine-week trip without thinking of taking a comb.

So, I admit, I do not deserve to have hair. If there was a capillary justice, I should be the first bald.

But I have a personal reason to be interested in baldness: like all males, I have four chances out of five to end up bald. Baldness only affects 15% of men under 20 years of age. It rises to 30% in the thirties, 40% in the quadrants, 50% in the fifties, to reach 80% of men over 70 years! I would not bet on my own genetic chances: my brother was tonsured at 44 years old and my father saw his skull become desertified around 70 years old.

In my circle of friends, I have four bald heads: one grafted and three shorn. To my knowledge! As the statistics suggest, the others would be able to hide their alopecia by various stratagems, such as grafts, hairpieces, densifiers or drugs. And then, guys, we do not talk too much about our problems. Especially that my friends do not seem to make their baldness a disease.

To find out what is going on in a peeled coconut, we know – so I went to meet my friends, which gave me some surprises.

I started with Mark *. Since he does not have much hair on the pebble and is an internist, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone: what medicine says, and what he thinks about it. Except that the discussion was shorter than expected. “Jean-Benoît, baldness is the most boring medical subject of all. Hair loss has no effect on physical health, apart from exposing the skull to sunlight. And 95% of hair loss in men is genetically programmed. There is nothing to do; you have to accept it, that’s all. Period.”


A normal head has 50,000 to 100,000 hairs. Each lives on a cycle of two to four years, before falling, at a rate of 50 to 100 per day. And each hair follicle generates a new hair.

In the bald, the follicles get out of order and the falling hair is no longer replaced. But it is wrong to say that a bald “loses” his hair; it is an atrophy. In fact, bald ones have all their hair except they are microscopic. This genetic imbalance does not affect the hair at the back of the head, simply because they are, in reality, the extension of the beard!

In males, the cause is largely genetic, hence the term “androgenetic baldness”. The fault lies with an enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, which reacts with testosterone to produce dihydrotestosterone, a true poison for hair follicles. Rarer, non-genetic baldness can be caused by medication, illness, stress, nutritional deficiencies, anesthesia and other disorders, such as trichotillomania (or mania to tear hair).

If Mark insists on acceptance, it is because the psychological effect of baldness is sometimes important, even disastrous, for some.

Hair loss places the male not only in front of a new image of himself but also in the face of age-old atavisms, such as the fear of aging and the loss of virility or that of no longer seducing. According to a 2005 European study, 43% of men who lose their hair are concerned that they would be less attractive; 22% find an effect on their social life, and 21% feel depressed. Buy Propecia.

My other hairy friends, Pierre * and Romain *, also told me about what it does to them. Roman is generally more concerned about the shape of his head, very round than his baldness on the vertex – technical term for the top of the skull. “Since I do not see her except on portraits are taken from behind,” he said, “I do not see myself as bald.”

Bald who can! Pierre, he has it in full face. He started losing his hair at the same age as Romain, but on the forehead and the temporal lobes. He says he lives well with the situation, but he confesses: “When I look in the mirror, there is always a moment when I say to myself: it’s me, that? And in dreams, I see myself with my hair. It must work for me, internally. ”

Another deplored interviewer for this report, Jean Stéphane Leroux, is convinced that all men who lose their hair are troubled: “Nobody likes to see themselves without hair. When they say the opposite, they lie to you. They all end up admitting it. “For his 50th birthday, this travel agent, who teaches at Sigma College, a private institution specializing in travel-related trades, offered a gift of $ 3,500:” micro-pigmentation capillary”. This new technique of tattooing the scalp reproduces the impression of a freshly shaved fleece. “It was that or the graft, or the wig.”

As a matter of conscience, I asked several women what they thought about male pattern baldness. Most of them told me that it did not bother them, but I did not find one who had wanted at all costs a bald as a lover: we are more in acceptance than in desire.

Angélique Martel, editor-in-chief of beauty at Elle Québec, admits having always had a weakness for men with “a short hair length, at the Richard Gere” – actor cited as the paragon of the hairy. “In Quebec, the one who reconciled me to baldness is the actor James Hyndman, who took his own by shaving. Hyndman has made the bald ones sexier. It’s more fun than the image of the little boxer with a crown. “